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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Homebrewing Reviews

Homebrew Review – Brewin’ Box Black IPA 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

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I was fortunate enough to get a Brewin’ Box Black IPA one gallon kit to give a whirl.  I have brewed two gallon kits before from Mr. Beer, but this was my first one gallon kit.  I was thinking a one gallon kit would give me a good idea of how it would be for apartment brewing, meaning brewing for those without a lot of space to ferment and store homebrew beer.  The Brewin’ Box Black IPA is listed as their flagship black IPA recipe. Let’s take a look at the kit and the brewing process.  At the end of review, I will share my thoughts and overall review!


What’s Included

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Brewing With Friends – Outdoor Brewing At It’s Best

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So, I am loving this snow day!  I am getting caught up with a bunch of website stuff!  A few weeks ago, I had a great time doing an outdoor brewing with my buddy Sully.  You may remember him from my outdoors brewing session with him last year.  This time, he was brewing his first 5 gallon batch.  How could I say no?  I of course couldn’t let him have all the fun, I brewed a 5 gallon batch as well!

Sully wanted to brew his Caribou Slober kit, so I figured I would do a brown ale as well. Continue reading

Brewing Equipment Homebrewing Reviews

Homebrewing Equipment Review – Bayou Classic SP10 Propane Burner

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So to expand my brewing gear, I got the Bayou Classic SP10 burner as a Christmas gift.  This is a great purchase, as it allows me to brew outdoors.  My wife wins too, as she is not a huge fan of the smell of boiling wort in the house!  Honestly, this is a great burner for the homebrewing application.

This burner sports the following specs per Amazon:

•14″ diameter cooking surface
•13″ tall welded steel frame
•4″ cast iron burner
•10-PSI adjustable regulator
•48″ high pressure stainless LPG hose
•360°egree windscreen protection
•Wide leg design for stability
•Designed to hold up to a 100-qt stockpot
•185,000 BTUs
Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 13″. Weight: 13.8lbs.

Some Thoughts:

A few things to keep in mind.

  • The 10 PSI regulator is a higher pressure regulator.  Some people are looking for a 20 PSI one, but this is perfectly good for the application.  The regulator is the green one with the red part in the picture.

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Brewing – Phishin’ For Cookies Stout

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I realized that I am a but delayed in this post. I don’t know how I missed doing one for this. Well, my first outdoor brewing on my new burner was a blast! Here is the scenario: December 30, 2016… 9:30 PM…. 27 degrees….Felt like 15. I was streaming the Phish 12/30/16 show from MSG live. What a great way to start a brewing night!

The recipe that I am working with will turn out like an oatmeal raisin cookie stout, hopefully.


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