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Bottling Day – Carpe Citravesa Homebrew

June 28th, vacation has started for this teacher.  PHEW!  So how do I move forward?  How do I relax?  Well, I make it a bottling day for Carpe Citravesa.  I bust out about 40 bottles.  I know my batch will fit in it because I have some bombers in there….and I love bottling in bomber bottles!  One, it goes so much quicker.  Two, it makes it easier to share when out and about.  Three, they are just “cool”.

IMG_20160628_114727931 This bottling day didn’t go off without a hitch.  I needed a few additional bottles than what I brought out.  So I headed down to grab a few more.  Well….then is when things went south.  I happened to move a box that was apparently propping up my 6 gallon glass carboy in the drying holder.  It fell over.  It bounced.  On the smaller of the two bounces, it broke.  This is why I can’t have nice things.  This is why plastic carboys are safer for this calamity prone guy.  Oh well.

The Carpe Citravesa is a bit of a session beer.  No high alcohol.  Just good tasty flavor.  The citrus in the uncarbonated beer was great.  I always taste my uncarbonated beer to get an idea of what is to come.  Things seemed to go quite well with this fermentation.  The older Mr. Beer unlabeled yeast did well.  I am planning on bringing a case of this to the beach with me.  One week, it should disappear quite easily.  I am sure my buddies can help me bring home just some empties!

IMG_20160628_114722799 IMG_20160628_114718737


Here are the stats:

Carpe Citravesa

Brewed 6/11/16

Bottled 6/28/16

OG 1.042

FG 1.006

ABV: 4.87%

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