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Bottling Day – Cookies and Cream Stout Homebrew

So today bottled my first attempt at my  Cookies and Cream Stout homebrew.  Ringing in at 5.6%, it is a little more than a session stout.  It bottled up at a nice rich dark color.  There is a strong chocolate smell and taste for the “cookie”.  I am hoping the “cream”, vanilla beans soaked in a little whiskey, comes through after carbonation and chilling.

Remember, I was tasked to make this for the Making Dad Show.  In order to keep the title of “Official Brewmaster”, I gotta hit this one just right.  A few thoughts about this one. 

  • I think I will have to crank up the biscuit malt a bit in the adjunct at the beginning to give a little more taste to the cookie end of it.
  • I may end up doubling the vanilla to get more cream taste.
  • I might add a good about of lactose next time for a little more towards the milk stout end.
  • Some toasted oats might add a bit more to the mouthfeel as well.


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