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Brewing Carpe Citravesa

Well, the school year is done.  This teacher, brewer, father gets to get caught up.  Two weeks ago, I threw together a new beer.  I didn’t realize that time had gotten that far away from me.  Carpe Citravesa was born.  Let’s look a bit at the beer and the name!IMG_20160611_160244511

I decided to make a quick brew since the wife was out of the house for some errands.  I had dug through the freezer and found some hops from a local buddy.  I had three cans of the Mr. Beer Mexican Cervesa that were coming up on their expiration date.  So I HAD to brew it.

I began with one can in, and tossed in some Columbus hops.  Made a nice whirlpool.  Then after a little while, added in another can of malt extract.  Then a final can, followed by some Centennial hops.  Chill it down, and add some dry yeast.  Voila!  7 days later, add an ounce of Citra as a dry hop.  I will be bottling it this weekend.


The name of this beer came about from a band I was in years ago.  We called ourselves Carpe Cervesa.  carpe cervesaThere were six of us.  The seventh member of the band was beer.  Although we never did go far, we had a lot of fun.  We had free gigs with shot girls (never did get any shots as I was playing), played a rooftop gig after Peter Frampton played a festival site below us, countless pig roasts and more.  This is a great way to pay homage to my musical roots.  Cheers to Lloyd, Mike, Andy, Geoff and Roger.  Thanks for helping me get music going, and drink beer.  I wouldn’t be here today wIMG_20160611_163228364ithout you guys.

IMG_20160611_163243622 IMG_20160611_163928248


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