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Brewing Hardware Review – Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap


Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap on a 2 liter in the kegerator

So I got a chance to try out the Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap by The Weekend Brewer on my setup.  I am pretty impressed by it!  

I got this cap to work alongside my 5 gallon keg. When you brew, there is sometimes more than 5 gallons that ferment. This cap allows you to use a common soda bottle to carbonated some of your brew! I like the fact that the cap allows me to quickly carbonate an amount of my homebrew, rather than waiting a few days to see what the whole batch is like. Without any problems, this cap fit directly onto my 2 liter bottle that I had just emptied and sanitized. Be sure to screw it down tight. Don’t worry, it is stainless steel, it can’t break like the plastic ones. I sprayed it down with Star San to check for leaks, and it was not leaking at all. I set the bottle at 25 PSI without any problems.   Within hours, I was able to enjoy a beer right out of the fermenter.  In the past, that was not possible, I had to bottle and wait a few weeks to see how the batch turned out.img_20160827_125715848 img_20160827_125720838

I left the cap on for a few weeks to see just how good it was.  Almost three weeks later, the bottle is still pressurized and the beer kept a decent carbonation level with only about a pint left in the bottle.  That is really impressive!
The one suggestion that I have, is a little FAQ or hints sheet be included in the package. I had to search the Internet to get information on the correct PSI to set the CO2 tank at via the regulator.

As a disclaimer, I did receive the Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap by The Weekend Brewer at a discount in return for an honest review.  I was not let down by it at all!img_20160827_125740784img_20160827_125747081img_20160827_125733087

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