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Brewing: Neapolitan Dynamite – A Milkshake IPA

Time to brew a new milkshake IPA, Neapolitan style!  I devised a recipe to hopefully showcase all the flavors of a Neapolitan blend of flavors for my recipe, NEAPOLITAN DYNAMITE.  What I got was an unexpected result.  I loved brewing this and designing the recipe.  I am already formulating my changes for the next revision.

Brew Night For A Milkshake IPA

So brew day came along, and things never quite go as planned.  I started to mash for my milkshake IPA in when my wife and son returned from his travel soccer game.  We quickly found that he lost his Garmin Vivofit. So what did I do? Yep, left my mash unattended (don’t worry it was perfectly safe) and headed to the field with a flashlight.  Well, I wasn’t successful in my search, but did pass the time of my mash in.



I did invite a neighbor over while brewing, so he stopped by, and another came over….can you say driveway drinkers?  They did not stay for the whole brew time, but it is always fun to have company.  I did happen to snag all of our quick oats for my milkshake IPA recipe as I had forgotten to get some at my LHBS.

I was drinking my RED PLATE IRISH ALE while brewing

The rest of the brew time went off without a hitch.  I pitched a Nice healthy starter of my yeast and let it fly!


A few days into a solid fermentation, the Neapolitan aspect came in.  I added a can of strawberry pie filling, some cacao nibs and vanilla beans.  I put the pie filling into a keg dry Hopper and just dumped in the nibs and beans.  I kind of wish I had a second dry Hopper….I’ll put that on the wish list.  I also dry hopped with some Cryo-hops.

Dry hopper ready for filling

Used this since it was already pasteurized.

Strawberry filled dry hopper

He slimed me!

Nibs and beans ready to go after a soak in vodka

In you go!


I let the fermentation finish out, then it was time to fire up a transfer.  I was a little worried about nib floaties, so I did filter the transfer with the Bouncer MD, and used the finer screen.  I actually caught some hops particles that I didn’t expect to come through. I force carbed it, and let it sit.

Bouncer MD getting the dregs out!

Here’s my transfer….if only I had a racker accelerator….hmmmmmm

Bouncer MD money shot #1

Bouncer MD money shot #2


So I had to try it out before bringing it to a 4th of July party.  So very tasty, but I noticed the strawberry totally dominated the flavor.  Ok, so it is a strawberry milkshake…..this time. Here is the beauty profile shot from before the party!

Creamy head, hazy, and a reddish hue


It has been well received in all settings.  The lacing left on the empty glass the next day was crazy!  I am yet to have any leftovers where ever I take it.



I recently even filled a few bottles off the kegerator, flew with it, and shared it in another state. It actually traveled pretty well….and TSA even had to check it out. 

At least they didn’t confiscate it.


Final Thoughts

What to do for next time with this milkshake IPA?  Cut the strawberry filling, double the chocolate and vanilla, and be sure to have lots on hand for a party.  Another idea is to make a base milkshake IPA with vanilla and hack in the chocolate and vanilla. Or perhaps I should just wait for the upcoming Growler Bro from the guys at Bouncer?  Oh wait….did I just let something out? 

Want to know my recipe?  Place a request in the comments below!


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  3. Jessse

    Love the idea of using fruit filling instead of pureeing actual fruit. Would you mind sharing the recipe? Going to try brewing it this weekend.

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