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Brewtubers Yeast Experiment 2020 Reviews


So now it is time to post my reviews of the Brewtubers Yeast Experiment 2020. For those of you just joining, the Brewtubers Yeast Experiment 2020 premise is 13 brewers brew the same recipe.  The same water profile, malt, hops, and timing. Then each brewer drops in a different yeast to ferment with.  A wide range of yeasts were used to be able to determine the qualities and tastes that the yeast imparts on a brew. Such a cool concept.  I am honored to be a part of it.

For the record, I am not a BJCP judge, and my reviews are quite subjective. There was a little mishap in the shipping, so I missed out on trying one of them. Realize we judged these beers based on how it was for the West Coast IPA style, not as a beauty or competition level.

If this is your first time reading up about this, feel free to drop back a few steps to see how I got to the point of the reviews. The first post, here, will get you a review on yeast starters. The next post here, will get you up to speed on my brewing and bottling.

But enough about all of that. Here are my “findings” in the Brewtubers Yeast Experiment 2020 Reviews:

Imperial A24 Dry Hop

Lighter, translucent color. It has a crisp body. This was citrus forward! A drier mouthfeel at the end. I was surprised with the higher final gravity has less malty and more crisp.

Imperial Dry Hop Tasting
Imperial Dry Hop Tasting

Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite 50

Lighter translucent color. This is a crisp beer. Ok citrus, but getting much more floral on this one. Beautiful lacing on the glass.

Wyeast Denny's Favorite
Wyeast Denny’s Favorite

Imperial A20 Citrus

Not clear, but still semi translucent. This beer is crisp. The bitterness level a little higher in comparison. It has good citrus!

Imperial A20 Citrus Tasting
Imperial A20 Citrus Tasting

Omega OYL 200

VERY crisp and clean. More fruit on the nose than in the taste. This is a solid ale, not West Coast IMHO.

Omega OYL 200 Tasting

White Labs 644

Solid beer, but not for West Coast. It has a strong Belgian profile. Very crisp and dry mouthfeel. Backend has less citrus taste and aroma than others.

WHITE LABS 644 Tasting
WHITE LABS 644 Tasting

Imperial A44 Kveiking

TASTY! Citrus nose – more orange crisp! The final product is darker in color, but decently translucent, Nice head on this beer!

Mainiacal Yeast Juggernaut

Darker, but not overly hazy. Tasty beer. Middle of the road body – not too crispy, not too creamy. Great citrus on the nose and taste. It is little more bitter than an ale, but not quite West Coast style.

Mainiacal Juggernaut Tasting
Mainiacal Juggernaut Tasting


Tasted this one when it was supposed to be MLB Opening Day. Nice nose. Good bitterness on the back end. Less floral and citrus come through on the taste – wish there was a touch more to meet my thoughts of a criterion beer.

Chico Yeast Tasting
Chico Yeast Tasting

Voss Kveik

YUMMY! It has a citrusy nose and taste. This is a solid example of a West Coast IPA.

Voss Yeast Tasting
Voss Yeast Tasting – pounding it LIKE A VOSS!

Imperial A18 Joystick

Crystal clear. Crisp but not too crispy. There is a floral/citrus on the back end. Great level of bitterness.

Imperial A15 Independence

This nailed it! Body – good. Semi translucent not overly crispy body. Had some nice malt to go with a solid bitterness.

Mainiacal Yeast Berserker

Good body – more creamier than the rest….but that dropped off a little over a month. Nice citrus nose Good citrus taste with slight floral on the backend.A little bitter in the back end.

Mainiacal Yeast Berserker Tasting
Mainiacal Yeast Berserker Tasting

Final Thoughts

Thank you to the sponsors of this experiment. Imperial Yeast and Hopsteiner stepped up and helped us out. We had another sponsor, but unfortunately the current climate of our corona virus pandemic swallowed them up.

I can’t tell you just how much being part of the Brewtubers Yeast Experiment 2020 reviews will change my perceptions on brewing. It was awesome to try the “same thing” with just one little tweak and see the differences. Getting to be a part of an amazing small group of brewers was very humbling…my setup is like a Pinto to their BMW 700 series, but we all brewed some tasty suds!

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