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Drain Pour – Dumping Your Own Homebrew


Drain pour.  Ouch.  That is the only thing I can say on how I feel.  It hurt.  I just dumped the remainder of an experimental home brew from a few years ago.  Why do we sometimes strike out?

Drain Pour #2

This batch of Super Witty Vital Tango was the second experimental beer 3 gallon batch I made with a local non-carbonated energy drink.  It was a tangerine wheat beer with a major caffeine kick.  During the fermentation, I had several blowouts, had to transfer to a new carboy, many messes to clean up, and probably over taxed the yeast.  With an abv of over 10% and no starter used, I probably simply killed the vitality of the yeast.  It never carbonated.  I kept opening bottles over the last two years every once in a while to see if anything changed.  Nope.  Today, I dumped all the remaining bottles.  I ripped off that band-aid and let go.  The kitchen smells a bit strong right now….  Lesson learned from this one?  Make yeast starters.  Pick a robust yeast.

Drain Pour #1

Another batch that I had to drain pour years ago was the only other one.  It was my FIRST five gallon batch.  It was a red ale.  Plain and simple, I missed something in the sanitation arena.  The first bottle I opened tasted horrible.  It was a vinegar taste…soured….and that was not what the style was supposed to be.  Some rogue bacteria made it’s way in.  I may not have sanitized my bottles enough.  There may have been something with my fermenter.  Not sure.  I am just glad that not another full 5 gallon batch has headed south.  Lesson learned from this one?  SANITIZE, SANITIZE, SANITIZE!  I send all my bottles through a sanitation cycle in the dishwasher, high temp wash and dry.  I soak all my tubing and containers longer than what is really needed.  I soak the bottling caps while bottling before capping.

Have you ever had to do a homebrew drain pour?  Leave a comment below about it.  Help others with your defeats!

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