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Equipment Building – Recirculating Draft Line Cleaner

So Chris from Homebrewfinds.com is a very ingenuitive builder when it comes to projects for your homebrewing aresenal.  I had read about his recirculating draft line cleaner before I got my kegerator from my grandfather.  Now that I had draft lines that needed to be cleaned, it was time to get to work.  This is something that you definitely NEED if you have a kegerator or keezer at home.

Parts Needed For The Build

I did stray a little from the recommended parts from Chris’s build.

Building It

When I say this is a quick and easy build….it is just that.  Things went together seamlessly for me.  My boys were fascinated to watch dad cobble together pieces of this and that.  I explained each component along the way too.  Total build time?  Under 20 minutes.  Tools needed?  Scissors.  Yep, that’s it!


















Pump In Action

So once it was built, it was time for a test.  What better time than when I was about ready to hook up a keg of my first attempt at a NEIPA?!?  I just took my draft line off the kicked keg, and clamped it right onto the top connection of the pump.  Plug it in, and let it go!

Overall Thoughts

For under $35, I built my own electric cleaner.  Considering a gravity fed one is about the same cost, this is a steal.  The feeling that I built my own?  PRICELESS.  I have used it a few times now.  I set it up, and walk away.  Then I come back, change it over to water for a rinse, and walk away.  Lines are cleaned in 20 minutes or less!  I will keep looking for other projects that Chris throws out there.  I will share this one with others too!

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