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Equipment Review: Cereal Killer Grain Mill Review

Time to get another piece of equipment, and time for the Cereal Killer Grain Mill review! This is a great piece of equipment that any all grain brewer should have in their arsenal. It took me a while to get one, as I often crushed my grain at the LHBS. Tired of paying a premium, and having access to some great uncrushed grain from Murmuration Malts, it showed me it was time to upgrade my equipment. If you are a video type person, fly over here to see it, and give me a follow!

Unboxing and Setup

So the box for the Cereal Killer was very sturdy, I had no worries of it being damaged in shipping. Kudos to the packaging designer on that! As I open it up, it is super easy to find the handle and the hardware needed to mount the mill on the base. I was surprised to see a metal base instead of a wood one. I expected that the setup of the base would take longer due to the warnings on multiple sites that staet “Ships with base flipped upside down to protect the pegs and the drive shaft Unscrew base, flip base, and re-secure base with screws before use. “ The base was neither attached or flipped….so no worries from me!

When attaching the new base to the Cereal Killer grain mill, be sure the side of the mill that has the handle on it goes towards the shorter side of the base. Also, be sure to have a 3/16 hex wrench around, as this is the size to tighten the mounting screws.

I did not use the provided handle, I merely put that off to the side as I may need it one day. I purchased a Craftsman corded drill similar to this one to run my grain mill. As of the time of writing this review, you can find some Craftsman things on a pretty good discount, depending on your location. Really, the big thing is, a basic corded drill will be more consistent than a rechargeable battery powered drill. If you can, get yourself a cheap corded drill.

Once everything was mounted, I adjusted the rollers. Honestly, this is super easy. I was running a BIAB setup, so, I crushed my grain super fine. When this batch is done fermenting, I will be able to determine just how efficient my crush was. I have a feeling I was really highly efficient, as my OG rang in a few points higher than projected. You can set your rollers to a range of sizes, from 0.025 to 0.100. You could use a caliper, a gap feeler, or a credit card to set your gap. The big thing is, just be sure it is the same on both sides, so you get a consistent crush no matter where the grain goes through the rollers.

First Run Of The Mill

See what I did there? Really, this is not a run of the mill mill! The Cereal Killer grain mill was super easy to operate with my drill. I was able to run it with one hand, while filming with the other. The first run was just under 7 pounds. I definitely didn’t fill the hopper all the way. Maybe next time I will remember to measure out exactly 7 pounds to see how it fits. I ran it on the closest grind. This will allow me to see how efficient my process is. Also, when I drain the fermenter, I can see if any grain got through my brew bag.

I ran the Cereal Killer a second time, and the hopper was mounded to get the rest of the 12 + pound bag in there. I would say that the 7 pound capacity is about dead on, if you don’t mound it over the top. The crush seemed excellent. I was happy to not see any big pieces in there, indicating a good crush. Be sure to check that the drill is tightened at the chuck each time to be sure it is going to spin the rollers correctly.

I would recommend using this on a cardboard box laid out. Maybe even go as far as being outside. I had to do a little vacuuming of the fine dust left behind from the crush. In the past, I haven’t worried about it as it was at the LHBS, and I don’t vacuum there.

So Why Get A Cereal Killer Grain Mill?

Quite often, we find ourselves getting things that we ultimately don’t need or use all the time. This however is different. Through the Cereal Killer Grain Mill review process, I really thought about some things I read on Homebrewfinds.com . This is going to allow me to dial in my efficiency. I can buy grains in bulk, and really tailor my grind to my operation versus being at the mercy of the LHBS grain mill. Although it is a “bigger” piece of equipment to store, it is definitely worth it.

I wish it was a little more stable when the drill is attached, I worry about it falling over. Seriously though, that is the only drawback that I have. I also have to think about the fact that it is so it can connect to multiple buckets and receptacles.

Final Thoughts

Well built, solid reviews, the Cereal Killer grain mill review from Brewmaster Jerry says YES! I chose this over other alternatives due to the price and previous reviews from people. Watch for sales, and don’t pay full price. You can normally find it for around $30 off and maybe even free shipping. If you get the wooden base, it is the older model. Look for places that sell the new metal base. What questions do you have? Am I far off? Should I change my grain crush?Leave me some comments below!

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