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Homebrewing Equipment Review – Bayou Classic SP10 Propane Burner

So to expand my brewing gear, I got the Bayou Classic SP10 burner as a Christmas gift.  This is a great purchase, as it allows me to brew outdoors.  My wife wins too, as she is not a huge fan of the smell of boiling wort in the house!  Honestly, this is a great burner for the homebrewing application.

This burner sports the following specs per Amazon:

•14″ diameter cooking surface
•13″ tall welded steel frame
•4″ cast iron burner
•10-PSI adjustable regulator
•48″ high pressure stainless LPG hose
•360°egree windscreen protection
•Wide leg design for stability
•Designed to hold up to a 100-qt stockpot
•185,000 BTUs
Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 13″. Weight: 13.8lbs.

Some Thoughts:

A few things to keep in mind.

  • The 10 PSI regulator is a higher pressure regulator.  Some people are looking for a 20 PSI one, but this is perfectly good for the application.  The regulator is the green one with the red part in the picture.

  • One HUGE perk of this burner is there is no timer shutoff, which is found on a great many propane burners as a “safety” feature.
  • You need to run the burner for a good trial run before you put your pot on it.  Some of the black paint will burn off.  This is normal.  Honestly, you aren’t getting the burner for a beauty contest.
  • My Bayou Classic 1144 44-Quart All Purpose Stainless Steel Stockpot with Steam and Boil Basket fits like a champ on here.  I didn’t think about them being from the same company until afterwards.  The first brewing with this pot ended up with a little bit of the paint from the comment above on the bottom….but that cleaned right off very easily.  The next brew didn’t have any paint on the bottom of the pot.
  • The setup was minimal….it didn’t take long.
  • I was impressed at the stability of the burner….even on my uneven concrete garage floor, I wasn’t worried about my pot tipping over.
  • During the boiling of my NEIPA, the water was actually jumping out of the pot (with about a 4 gallon head space allotted), so I would say I had a really good rolling boil!
  • Mash water of about 7-8 gallons took about 10 minutes to reach temp.  An hour later, to get the mashed in water to a full boil took about another 10.


My Recommendation:

Buy this burner!  Don’t spend extra money on a more expensive burner that does the same thing, and has similar specs from the brew supply places.  Get it from Amazon.  It doesn’t have to say anything about a darker star or anything else like that to heat up and boil your water.  It may sound like a small jet engine is heating your water, but you won’t miss your target temps with this one!

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