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New Beers Resolutions 2017 – Resolutions From a Homebrewer

Happy 2017 Homebrewers!  Last year, I set out on my New Beers Resolutions.  I figured it was time to revisit them, a year later and see how I am doing.  I think it is also a good time to set some new resolutions!  It is always to set goals, even in our homebrewing, to help elevate ourselves to a higher level.

Let’s look at what I resolved to do last year, and examine how I did with it!


1.  I won’t  jump on a style bandwagon.

I didn’t start to hit any of the trendy styles.  This year, I even worked on a few basic styles that I hadn’t brewed ever, or in a while.  Brewing things like Steamin’ Kalifornia, or my Bye Week Porter are good examples of this.  I haven’t brewed a gose, a sour, or made 18 fruited variations of the same beer.  I have had a great time brewing this year!

2.  I will take better notes.

So looking at things, I have done this as well!  I have a binder now with my brewing sheets from all my beers.  I have numbers and notes written on the recipe sheets from Beersmith.  I have articles that have chronicled most of my brewing adventures of the year.

3.  Do some product reviews.

I would say the most successful one that I did was for the Bouncer Inline Beer Filter!  I also looked at a carbonation cap, a corny keg carbonation lid, and the BeerBox (which I still say stay away from!).  I would like to continue to review things that I have, that may be an upgrade for others.  I also would love to get more into working directly with some brewing companies!


This Year’s Resolutions

Ok, so where do I go from here?

  1.  Brew some other common styles that I have not.  I should try to hit some things like a saison, or a straight up rye recipe.  I would like to try a brett at some point, but I would need some new stuff to work with that fermentation.
  2. Continue to interview people in and around homebrewing.  I think it is fun to pick the brains of those who share a common passion.  Even if the homebrewer has turned pro, they can still give us good advice for our brewing practices or thoughts!
  3. Get some more videos up on youtube for people to see and get a different review of things.


Well, that seems like a good list of things to try!  Happy New Beers!  Enjoy your brewing, and comment below what your New Beers Resolutions are!

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