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New Beers Resolutions – Resolutions From a Homebrewer

So tis the season to make resolutions.  Everyone does this on New Beers Eve right?  Or is it on New Beers Day?  The homebrewer should make some resolutions as well.  Let’s take a peak at my brewing resolutions.

  1.  I won’t  jump on a style bandwagon.  I have into craft beer and brewing for a few years now.  I have seen some styles rise and fall.  White IPAs, Black IPAs, hard flavored, and more.  So I am not going to brew a style just because it is hot.  I will brew styles because I want to try it, or I enjoy drinking it.
  2. I will take better notes.  One of the reasons I started this website was I lost all my information that I was storing on check-ins to “My Brewery” on Facebook.  It was great….I had pictures and thoughts, and OGs and FGs, additions to the recipes and more.  Then one day I noticed a bunch of people had checked into my brewery…..then I found out the location got mixed in with a local brewing company.  Finding my information was next to impossible.  So now I have this site, that I will continue to update it.  I am also using Beersmith to chronicle my recipes.  As I get further into that program, I will do a review.
  3. Do some product reviews.  Every homebrewer should do research on the products they want to buy.  I know that I search to find a good source for the reviews.  I look for pictures, actual use, and not just some PR provided by the company.  I look to find both pros and cons.  I will do my best to offer both sides.

Do you have any beer resolutions?  Leave a comment below with what your resolutions!

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