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Smoked Homebrew Brined Turkey 2018

So this year, I continued my smoked homebrew brined turkey tradition for 2018.  You can find out what I have done in the past here, here, and here. I think one of the coolest things I have done, since I started homebrewing, is using that homebrew to brine the turkey.  The addition of the smoker was just a great one. In the end, it gives some really tasty bird and a fun project that a group can enjoy.  Let’s face it. Not everyone will drink your beer. Not everyone can eat your turkey. Yet those who do, can enjoy a tasty treat.

Brine Away….

This year for the homebrew brine, I used my Zombie Experiment Level 8 to be the base.  I boiled up my water and spices found in the recipe here. I added in my homebrew and some ice.  Time to dump in the bacon and the turkey for a little bath for a few days. I am super glad that I have a kegerator for this reason.  There is room for my beer and for my bird. Double win!

Turkey Day Has Arrived!

After letting the bird get brined in the homebrew, as well as the bacon, Turkey Day has arrived.  It was an early rising time to pull it out. I had to get it going early, since our dinner time was going to be around 1ish. I weave the brined bacon. Rubbing down the turkey with some spices, laying the weave, and off to the smoker it goes!  

I like to go low and slow with the turkey.  I don’t want to dry it out. At the end, I ended up pulling the bacon and raising the temp a but to help crisp up the turkey skin, or more so make it so it wasn’t rubbery.

The turkey turned out superb.  The bacon had a super IPA flavor from the brine.  My in-laws got to experience the turkey this year. Judging by the fact they went back for more says it turned out okay.

Thoughts For Next Time

Next time, I may take a shot at spatchcocking it   This would reduce my cook time, and give more surface area to put bacon on.  I have now done the smoked homebrew brined turkey with a few different beers.  I love that I can just do it with whatever is on tap. Hmmmmmmm, so does that mean I should put the brett cider blend on sometime for the homebrew brine?

Got any questions or comments about making a smoked homebrew brined turkey?  Post them in the comments below!

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