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Smoked Homebrew Brined Turkey

Smoked homebrew brined turkey, a gift from the gods!  My turkey cooking has been evolving over the years now….this year to include the smoker!  I used the Phishing For Cookies V2 brew that I had.  It is an oatmeal raisin cookie stout for some nice malty flavors in the turkey.  Oh, don’t forget that it is bacon wrapped and using a maple bourbon glaze!  Let’s look at how this goes together to make a feast fit for a king.

The Homebrew Brine

First, I used the Phishing For Cookies V2 as the base of the homebrew brine.  It is the second time I made this kit.  The first time, something went wrong, and it soured on me.  I had the kit replaced via Northern Brewer’s Beer Kit Guarantee.  It is a malt forward stout with hints of vanilla and rum soaked raisins.  Then, I followed the base brine recipe that I have used in the past.  Yes, even the bacon was brined for the whole time!  Lots of yumminess added in some great flavoring!  I had great successes in the past, here (v1) and here (v2), with the homebrew brine that I used.  There was a little modding, but not much.

Toast the peppercorns


Herbs, brown sugar and more



Add onions and citrus tastiness



Don’t forget the homebrew for the brine!

After letting the bird and the bacon take a bath for a few days in the kegerator, it was time to pull them.






I mad a nice rub that included some bourbon and maple syrup.  The maple syrup is the same stuff that I used for my Crystal Mape stout.  I rubbed both under the skin and on top.  I reserved some of the liquid to use as a glaze over the outside.  Make a nice bacon weave, and layer it over the top of your homebrew brined turkey.  Then off to the smoker it goes!

The Smoked Bird Arrives

I let the smoker go low and slow.  I enjoy using my Camp Chef Smoke Pro pellet grill.  I threw on some good competition blend pellets, and it became a set it and forget it!  I will say it was super difficult to not just grab some of that bacon and eat it while the bird was smoking!



Smoked homebrew brined turkey


To serve this homebrew brined turkey of goodness, I added in the traditional Thanksgiving sides to go with it.  It looked so much like Thanksgiving that  I confused my 9 year old when he came down for dinner.  I think this is a recipe and steps that I will continue next year!





Got any questions or comments about making a smoked homebrew brined turkey?  Post them in the comments below!


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