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Speed Cider Update – Split Testing Into 4 Types

So my next chapter of the speed cider has begun.  But not before I let the speed cider go for a little longer then I expected…though I am glad I did.  The cider kept perking away, so I let it.  The T-58 cleared up from the cloudy cider to almost the same color!  Amazing!  Now it was time to split the two batches in half, and have a little fun with it!

img_20161006_214508590 img_20161006_214522155

To make this as easy as possible, I busted out four Mr. Beer kegs.  Yes, I have that many (and maybe a few more) lying around.  I did some basic sanitation to get them ready.  For the split testing, I decided to give one batch from each yeast the same hops, Citra.  Then, the other batch from each of the yeasts would get some fun treatment as well.

I did not use a siphon, as I decided that the sediment at the bottom of the carboys would probably be handled carefully while pouring them into the little brown kegs. I was shocked at the different sediment from the S-04 versus the T-58 yeast.  There was quite a bit of sediment from the S-04, and it seemed quite spread out, while the T-58 was very compact.


S-04 sediment


T-58 sediment








To be ready for this split test, I also soaked some cinnamon whiskey from Cooperstown NY, called Spitball.  It has a nice taste on it’s own, so I put in some oak  chips a few weeks back.  The small mason jar just sat patiently before getting fired toward the keg.

img_20161006_214626593 img_20161006_214643119

The Spitball was added to the S-04 yeast and dry hopped with Sorachi Ace hops.  I am not quite sure what made me choose this combo, but it seemed intriguing, so I went for it.  The singular T-58 yeast batch was given some Palisade hops.  They are described as “very pronounced and pleasant fruity, non-citrusy, aroma with earthy undertones”.  I kind of felt a non-citrusy choice was going to be good.  The earthy undertones seemed to go with the Belgian funkiness that may come out.


For the “control” batches, I dry hopped them with some Citra.  This is one of those favored hops, so I figured why not?!img_20161006_214614604



I think that I will let them dry hop for about a week, then bottle.  I will probably individually prime each bottle with sugar, as I see the bottling process getting too crazy with batch priming 4 times.  A funnel, and a quick measuring should make quick work.  This should definitely be true for batches 2-4 as they should all be the same size, and I should know the amount of bottles needed.


Some thoughts:

  • I can’t wait to line up all 4 ciders to try them when they are complete!
  • I used 1 full ounce of hops with each 1.5 gallon batch.  This may be on the heavy end….we will see.
  • I am looking forward to seeing how the oaked cinnamon whiskey taste comes through!
  • There will be lots of cleanup for this one!  Lots of fermenting vessels!


img_20161006_220311878 img_20161006_220315107 img_20161006_220318337 img_20161006_220324557


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