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Transferring Commandant Pliny and Harvesting Yeast

Well, yesterday was a first for me.  I harvested my first yeast.  I did a transfer of my wort from the primary to the secondary for the Commandant Pliny, a Pliny the Elder clone.  When I did this, I also dry hopped it for the first time toIMG_20160325_162328983 get it closer to bottling.  A few things to see here – there a HUGE amount of trub at the bottom due to all that hops.  Unfortunately I will not get a full batch due to this.

I also harvested my first yeast ever.  I wIMG_20160325_162331946atched a lot of videos and read articles to get myself ready.  Here is the process:


  1.  Boil water and get towels.  No, this is not what is needed to deliver a baby.


    Boiling the mason jars to sanitize them

  2. Put in 5 pint size mason jars.  I bout a 12 pack at Walmart for about $8.  I figure I will need more in the future.
  3. After boiling them for about 15 minutes,

    Sanitized jars with sanitized water

    I removed them from the pot with water still in them.  This way I had sanitized water to put in on the yeast/trub cake.

  4. I capped the jars off and let them cool.
  5. After the jars and the water cooled, I dumped it into the carboy on top of the trub and yeast cake – look at that solid stuff there!


    Trub at the bottom of the carboy – look at that hop turd in the middle!

  6. I poured most of the trub/yeast cake into 4 jars.  I left one open to help me decant it.


    Jars of unfiltered slurry

  7.  I then put the filled jars into the fridge to help cold crash them.IMG_20160325_175542132
  8. After they cold crashed, I decanted them out.  I first used the empty jar, then used one that I had decanted.
  9. I ended up with two jars in the end of WL001 slurry.  I now can make a fresh starter with each one for new batches of tastiness!

    Two jars of WL001 slurry to store for future use!

Some thoughts to ponder:

  • I am sure this will be a quicker process in the future.
  • I can’t wait to reuse my yeast for the first time!
  • I may end up having to get another fridge for the all the future harvesting and multiple jars!

Commandant Pliny in the secondary with the first dry hopping


Jars after cold crashing – look at those layers!


Leftover trub after decanting

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