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TriCoil 1.2 Review: Equipment Review of the CuS.S. Brewing TriCoil 1.2

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Brewmaster Jerry with the CuS.S. TriCoil 1.2

I am so glad I had a chance to do a TriCoil 1.2 review! So I’m looking around the homebrewing market, and there are always things that seem to catch your eye and make you go hmmm. This triple immersion chiller from CuS.S Brewing did just that. I was curious about the claims I had read online, as well as the ones they had on their website and whether or not it actually chilled as fast as a did. I reached out to CuS.S Brewing and was provided with a TriCoil 1.2 triple immersion chiller to test out so I could put it through the paces. Jeremy McGranahan gave me the hook-up, I did not receive anything other than a unit to review.

Unboxing The TriCoil 1.2

So the looks, during the unboxing, I was immediately impressed with the precision that it was put together with. It definitely weighs a good amount, but when you think about the fact that there is three times the amount of coils, plus different adapters to hook it up, this totally makes sense.

Baseline Measurements With A Basic Immersion Chiller

So to test it out I decided that I should get a baseline with my single immersion chiller. It’s not a name brand, it’s your basic single immersion chiller which I’ve been very happy with across the years. I received it as a gift from my wife for a birthday or a Christmas present, and it has done the job. I am using it both inside and outside along the way. Here are the results of chilling a 5-gallon batch from that. It was 74F outside. The water temp was approximately 63F from the hose. I started the hose about 2 minutes after flameout. I created some vertical agitation for about 20 seconds every 2 minutes. After 5 minutes, thye wort was down to 143F. It was 110F at 8 minutes, and finally at 100F after 11 minutes.

TriCoil 1.2 Review Run

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