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BrewTubers Is Now Recruiting Members!


There is a new club in town, and the BrewTubers recruiting members is in full swing! So I bit the bullet, and joined a homebrew club. The BrewTubers have now become a regular dues oriented homebrew club. I chose to get in as a  founding member.  I think it was a wise decision, as this homegroup club is something that will help fill the gap for me.


 One of the biggest things we find ourselves trying to figure out is how to attend meetings with all of our other obligations. YouTubers meet the first Friday of the month at 9 p.m. EST. This allows the West Coasters to join in as well as calling our International Friends to join as well. The all virtual meeting is a plus, as you do not need to drive any place in order to attend. You can attend on your phone or on your computer, or catchup in the future.

 The meetings have time set for the agenda, and it doesn’t seem to go too long. Then, the best part, comes after the meeting with the “Social Hour”. Some great conversations have been had, while also talking techniques and Homebrew.


By being a paid member of BrewTubers, it also helps prioritize you for participating in experiments. Although membership is not required in order to be included in the experiments, it definitely helps. If all the spots are filled, priority is then given to those who are paid members.


 One of those the neat things is  our tireless team working to find new sponsors for the club. Currently, there are a few. Beer-wine.com  is now the official local homebrew shop for the club. They are in constant communication with our sponsorship director, finding ways to better serve the BrewTubers community.   I know that our sponsorship director is looking to expand Club sponsorship to provide more worth to both the business as well as the members. Other current sponsors include Imperial Yeast and 5 Star Chemicals!

Discord Channel

One of the fun perks being a paid member is the ability to participate in all of the sub channels in Discord. There have been some very educational discussions, as well as lots of ribbing our other members as we get to know each other. As the need arises, Other sub channels have been created to facilitate some fun conversations. If you are not a paid member of, you only get access to the lobby channel.

So Should I Join BrewTubers?

 Yes! Sign up today at brewtubers.com. Be sure to tell them that Brewmaster Jerry sent you. Full disclosure, this is a referral that allows me to receive a perk during future experiments when you say that I sent you. But once you join, you can do the same thing. I think the added benefit of the discussions on Discord, as well as future benefits from working with different sponsors is a great added bonus to the club. As time progresses, I’m sure that there will be more perks available for members.

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