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Brewtubers Malt Experiment 2020


BrewTubers Malt Experiment 2020 was an amazing process. It happened to hit during power pandemic time, so it was a great thing to do to help pass the time. This experiment utilized the same recipe across multiple brewers, with one change being the base malt used was different for each Brewer.

 This experiment had a relatively simple recipe that aimed for a not overly high ABV. Each brewer selected a malt, and attempted to create somewhat similar beer. For this experiment, I chose to step outside of the “norm”. I chose to brew with all wheat malt, which ended up in a slightly complicated process.

The Brewing

 Since I used all wheat malt, with a very small addition of acid malt from the recipe was there to help with pH level, I found myself in a situation in which the malt did not convert as much as I would have wanted them to due to a lack of enzymes. The one change I would do to this recipe in the future, if I was using wheat malt again, would be to add some glucosamalyse and betamalyse to help with the conversion and produce a more efficient brew.

 It was a lot of fun to try multiple beers using the same recipe, but different base malts. It allowed us to truly see what each base malt imparted to the beer. Some malts accentuated the Sabro hops a little bit, and others had the malt shine through much more.

The Results

 Below are the two videos that I put together. One is of the brewing process, and the other is the tasting notes of the different beers. It should be noted that I just started to try and use multiple cameras during the tasting videos, and that process is still getting worked out.

 Should you do a BrewTubers beer experiment? My definitive answer is yes. I have now done a yeast experiment as well as a malt experiment, and learned a ton from both of them. By participating in these experiments, I have also started to build some really cool brewing relationships with people around the country. It is also one of the reason why I chose to become a paid member of the new BrewTubers Homebrew Club. 

Final Thoughts

 This recipe was a great one to truly identify different types of malts that I would favor in my brewing. I really loved you using Sabro hops for this experiment, as it has quickly become one of my go-to hops. This recipe is a great diving board for brewers to help fine-tune their process…oh, and having very tasty beer to go with it. I may utilize this recipe to test out new malts in the future, so I know what it will impart in batches in which there is a mixture of different malts. 

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