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Equipment Review: The GROWLER BRO

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The Growler Bro review, a tasty way to tweak your beers. So way back in July, I met up with the guys from Bouncer, and they told me about the new product coming out…. the GROWLER BRO. They gave me a prototype to play around with. Well, the real version is out now! I played around with a pack of three of the Growler Bro. If you want, you can see it in action with a video form here. So, initial thoughts on the Growler Bro. This is another awesome product that I didn’t know I needed. Tim and Doug do an amazing job at showing us things that we need in our homebrewing box of tricks.

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New Beers Resolutions 2019

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A new year starts, and New Beers Resolutions are made. So I am horrible. I can’t believe so much time has passed since my last post. I have some reviews to post, I have some beer related turkey posts, I have some recipe stuff, oh man oh man.

So I think since it has been 2 years since I made them, it is time for some New Beers Resolutions.

  1. POST MORE! I shouldn’t have let so much time go by. Holy cow…..it got away from me.
  2. BREW MORE!I should never have an empty kegerator. I should always have keg ready to tap.
  3. Continue my one hop zombie series. I have had a few beers made with the same base recipe and changed up the hops. I have some feedback coming soon on this.
  4. Hack away! Keep trying different equipment hacks to see what works and what doesn’t. I would love to help others through my mistakes and victories!

What’s on tap: Growler Bro review, Murmation Malt review, Brew In A Bag review, Cereal Crusher review, smoked homebrew brined turkey update, smoked pumpkin imperial stout experience, chatting with pro brewers, and much more! Stay tuned!

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Bouncer Meetup – The Men Behind The Screen

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One sponsor of this website is the Bouncer Beer Filter.  I have done some reviews for Doug and Tim for a little while now.  I can say that I truly enjoy their products. They are open to feedback.  I have always corresponded via instant messages or by email.   I now know… it’s official, Tim and Doug are real, and they are not like Milli Vanilli!  They are who they say they are; beer guys with some awesome homebrewing products.  Meeting them in person was a blast!

So, in the daytime job, I am a teacher.  It is not often that we get to travel for “work” .  So, when the Beer God smiles, it is time to drink!  I had a unique opportunity that sent me to a conference in Wilmington NC.  Can you guess who is there? Yep, Tim and Doug from Bouncer, and they call this their hometown area.  So I scheduled a meetup with the guys at their go to drinking hole, the Wilmington Brewing Company.  A Sunday afternoon meeting for shenanigans and business discussions sounded perfect!  We talked about current product offerings and a few things in the works.

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Brewing: Neapolitan Dynamite – A Milkshake IPA

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Time to brew a new milkshake IPA, Neapolitan style!  I devised a recipe to hopefully showcase all the flavors of a Neapolitan blend of flavors for my recipe, NEAPOLITAN DYNAMITE.  What I got was an unexpected result.  I loved brewing this and designing the recipe.  I am already formulating my changes for the next revision.

Brew Night For A Milkshake IPA

So brew day came along, Continue reading

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Smoked Homebrew Brined Turkey

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Smoked homebrew brined turkey, a gift from the gods!  My turkey cooking has been evolving over the years now….this year to include the smoker!  I used the Phishing For Cookies V2 brew that I had.  It is an oatmeal raisin cookie stout for some nice malty flavors in the turkey.  Oh, don’t forget that it is bacon wrapped and using a maple bourbon glaze!  Let’s look at how this goes together to make a feast fit for a king.

The Homebrew Brine

First, I used the Phishing For Cookies V2 as the base of the homebrew brine.  Continue reading

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Bouncer MD Hack Pack – A Product Review Including Tenacious Badger Hops

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Bouncer MD Hack Pack

You want to get a hold of the Bouncer MD Hack Pack with Tenacious Badger Hops!  This pack was so much fun to play around with!  The guys at Bouncer Beer Filters have come up with a new use of the Bouncer MD, allowing you to randall in new flavors.  To help showcase this, they hooked up with Tenacious Badger Hops.  I have gone through and done a video review that you can find here.  Here are my thoughts about this latest product!

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Bouncer Promo For My Readers!

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Wait, did you say Bouncer Promo for the readers of this site?  YEP!

So I got a great email today from Tim, one of the guys at Bouncer.  He stated it was time for you guys to get a deal!

Happy February!   Hey how about a BOUNCER promo for your readers?     You can let your followers know that, starting today, they can get the following deals at Amazon:

1) Buy 1 regular Bouncer and 1 Boil Bro, get 15% off the total purchase (SAVE $8.38…DISCOUNT APPEARS IN THE CART ONCE BOTH ITEMS ADDED)

2) Buy 1 BouncerMD (Mac Daddy) and 1 Boil Bro, get 15% off the total purchase (SAVE $10.18…DISCOUNT APPEARS IN THE CART ONCE BOTH ITEMS ADDED)


Now, you know I love the Bouncer and Bouncer MD, see the review here, and the Boil Bro helped me save a batch of cider, as I talked about here, so this to me looks like a great deal!  You could use the savings to score some extra ingredients for the next brew!

I use my Bouncer and the Mac Daddy every time I brew.  It is great that they have decided to offer this out to you guys too!

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Equipment Review: Boil Bro – Saved My Batch!

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So the guys at Bouncer Beer Filters have come up with a new idea, the Boil Bro.  They sent one off to me to review in a real world brewing situation.  I have used on three batches now, and I am quite happy with it.  It it even helped me save a batch!  So here’s my Boil Bro review, what I think of it, and will it be good for you.


The Boil Bro Setup

The Boil Bro is a good sized mat.  The rubber backing allows it to stay in place on a table or counter, with no slipping.  Continue reading

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Holiday Stocking Stuffers For Homebrewers

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So it is that time of year, when you are looking to find some gifts or holiday stocking stuffers for the homebrewers in your life.  Here is a list of some great ideas that any homebrewer would like, or wouldn’t care if they got more of!

  • Bouncer Inline Filter – I can’t say enough about these.  I love them!  I have both sizes for my brewing setup.  There are different guage screens for more filtering options.  I can’t wait to hack out my Mac Daddy to see other way I can push the limits of homebrewing with!
  • PBW Cleaner – Cleaning and sanitation are always something that homebrewers need to do.  This gift may not be the sexiest and exciting, but this would open up the brewing budget to later get something fun instead of needed!
  • Refractometer – The thing of finding out your abv levels of your beer is the fact that you need to waste beer to find out how wasted it could get you (see what I did there?).  The refractometer is a great addition that means you need just a few drops to test the levels of your beer rather than a bunch of ounces.
  • Spray bottle – This is just a nice little addition that I learned about by reading homebrewfinds.com .  I love the handiness of sanitizer for spraying things down in a jiffy.  Why waste a bunch of sanitizer with just pouring it out, spraying things down is just as effective.  I even use it sometimes when I am running my smoker and using the thermometer on uncooked meat.
  • Boil Bro – This is the new product from the guys who brought us the Bouncer.  It is awesome.  A large placemat to help you organize your brew day, take notes, and even carry a bunch of stuff easily.  Take a pic of your notes before you clean it off, and you have a great way to chronicle what happened during your brew day.   I have a review of it coming soon.
  • Digital Scale – Measuring hops, dextrose, or anything else is a great thing.  The more precise you become, the better your beer gets.  This will help you replicate your successes!
  • Growler – Who doesn’t want a fancy metal growler to bring their homebrew to a buddy’s house?  I have a few, since I sometime give them to people to borrow…for some reason they always return empty…  I have done some reviews of a few.

There you have it.  A few things to help fill out your holiday shopping for your favorite homebrewer!

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